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Fertility Treatment

When trying to conceive becomes challenging, taking care of your emotional well-being is vital. Treatment may be helpful if you are having difficulty conceiving, have been diagnosed with infertility, are undergoing fertility treatment or have had complications with your fertility treatment. 

Reducing the stress and emotional pain that you may be experiencing is imperative to the success of your fertility treatment. When trying to grow your family is not quick or easy, and complications with fertility clinics and agencies may be frustrating. I am here to support you in your journey to conceive.

Perinatal Period

During the perinatal period previous difficulties may resurface or existing difficulties may become more distressing and difficult to cope with. You may experience new difficult emotions and stress. If you are pregnant after loss or birth trauma you may be experiencing a range of confusing and difficult emotions in your current pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Test
Embryologist Adding Sperm to Egg

Treatment Issues

  • Anxiety 

  • Depression 

  • Fear of vomiting/other pregnancy symptoms 

  • Difficulties following previous traumatic experiences related to pregnancy and birth

  • Conflicting emotions when you are pregnant after loss

  • Postpartum mood issues

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