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I look forward to working with you. Here are some things to help facilitate our first meeting together. With over 20 years of experience, my general approach to therapy is to provide useful feedback with an environment where you feel supported and respected. We will work together to understand your goals for treatment so that you can create more effective outcomes.


-Dr. Lyndsay Elliott-

Afternoon Light


I believe in a holistic approach to emotional well being including nutrition, exercise and overall wellness. ​My orientation blends cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and family systems approaches to healing and change


I believe a successful therapeutic relationship is rooted in a deep academic understanding of human development, but is most effective when expressed in honest and simple communication between client and therapist.


My approach is to actively engage, creating a supportive and collaborative environment that is equally empathic and challenging. By focusing on both past experiences and present circumstances, I seek to access the client's inner strengths in order to overcome difficult situations, make noticeable changes and break unhealthy patterns.


Training aside, I hope to be relatable, down to earth and honest in my approach. I offer my life experience as a wife and mother of two. I understand the pressures that arise trying to create meaningful lives in a world full of pressures.​

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